Live Training

Co-Pilot Program

Unique support & training program for your next project

Have an EE Expert in Your CornerWe'll work with you from start to lanunch

Training on Your Own ScheduleSetup sessions whenever it's most convenient for you

Get the Solutions in Record TimeGet answers to complex problems and challenges

Series of "A-Ha" MomentsGet those "a-ha" moments that make your project a success

Collaborate and Interact in Real TimeLearn the "how" and the "why" in live sessions

Downloadable MP4 VideosEach session is recorded and available as a downloadable video

Are you starting a large or complex ExpressionEngine project? Would you like to have an EE expert in your corner, as an experience and dependable guide? Our new Co-Pilot Program blends the right mix of teaching and building, letting you work at your own pace while learning various aspects of EE site building. Contact us to find out about our flexible scheduling and pricing.

Creat-ee classes are like taking a drink from a fire hydrant on a hot day! The depth of knowledge and the complete transparency of sharing of real world projects is well worth the time and cost.
– Jamie

No matter your experience level with EE, our Co-pilot Program can be customized to fit your project's scope and schedule. 


  • Work with your own project
  • Get strategic consultations and expert coding help
  • Get basic or advanced support
  • Get both live and offline support
  • Set your own schedule
  • Leverage 9+ years of experience
  • Each session is fully recorded as a downloadable video
  • Get any unused hour refunded with no questions asked

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